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Anyways, thanks for reading =)
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Sorry for the late updates and the dead forum!

Sat 3 Jul - 18:02 by Whitney

I'm soo sorry for the late updates and the dead forum!
It is because I'm very busy with my school, I had exams and I passed my exams! :Happy:
I will keep up with JOTAsubs now^^ I hope that many people will help us with subbing, since we have to catch up everything and new MVs are coming out.
Also I will create a new summer layout so it will be more brighter and I hope many people will join Kpopsites! I'm very happy that there are more than 650 peoples on Kpopsites and I will send everyone an email later^^

Also if someone's interested to join the Kpopsites team, please read this topic^^

I'm introducing you our new layout 3.O^^
I'm still making the banner and more icons. As you can see we added pictures in each section.(introduction and so on..) The background gives a summer feel, it's warm and in the summer it is very warm. the grey color will be changed and the navigator icons will be changed too, please be patient and look forward to our layout 3.O!

Hiring site staff

Sat 8 May - 23:43 by Whitney

We are currently hiring people who can work with css very well, so that we can make this site even better!
We want that Kpopsites is international and we want more people to join and be active. We don't have time to update Kpopsites's theme so we ask people who can design us a pretty well made theme^^
Interested?? Please reply at this topic:
Also who are hiring people who wants to join the Kpopsites team, please at the recruitment section to apply.

Update 11 June! I am very angry...

Thu 11 Jun - 12:50 by Ayumi

Hello everyone!
Just a thing i wanna tell y'all!

...a thing that like... REALLY bothers me
How come the lastes user which registers here
comment on the download section???
i mean..
i have a feeling that you guys only login here to download eng sub videos which whitney posted
and then you guys go again waiting for new vids..
some of them only have 1 posts...
and it really pisses me off
this forum SUCKS!
just because the main admins,mods and so on
aren't online doesnt mean you guys also have to be inactive..

i just made a poll, gonna test you guys
but i think no one will read this because the forum is ALREADY dead!
this forum is about KPOP!!
like.. the MAIN kpop!!
you can talk about EVERYONE here
there are no rules you have to follow like
please only talk about big bang here, no mentioning about other celebs!
and about antis too, ok you dont have to talk about them if you dont like it
(many people are like that) but that doesnt mean you shouldnt register and spazz about news coming from ALL artists
this is like allkpop just as a forum, ok?

so please,...
i know you guys might like your home forum like cassis & elfs and so on more...
we want a antisless life.. ok?
we also started a project...


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