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Anyways, thanks for reading =)
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    [ANOUNCEMENT]Eng Subs for suju vids post2

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    [ANOUNCEMENT]Eng Subs for suju vids post2 Empty [ANOUNCEMENT]Eng Subs for suju vids post2

    Post by Whitney on Sat 23 May - 23:58

    Ok i got permission melodygreenleaf. She subbed intimate note ep24&25
    I post the full version in the vid thread A.S.A.P. (=As soon as possible) with Eng sub. Cos the vids were in parts and i needed to join them with HJSplit. She subbed Ep24 and ep25 has to come.

    I really want to thank melodygreenleaf for the Subs and the vids! :wink:
    And that i may post it on Kpopsites.

    Ep24 is posted..but will someone tell me if it works?
    Ep25 is posted

    I still need translators Korean-> English i want to sub star king where suju is in it and many suju vids. Can someone please help this little girl?? :crybeg: :angelsong:

    I will upload unbelievable outing ep1 till ep6 ENG SUB, and maybe Suju fullhouse ENG SUB too on my other acount WhitneyCheung. But i don't have much time so i will upload it ASAP!

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    [ANOUNCEMENT]Eng Subs for suju vids post2 104kx1i
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    [ANOUNCEMENT]Eng Subs for suju vids post2 Empty Re: [ANOUNCEMENT]Eng Subs for suju vids post2

    Post by shining7andrew on Thu 25 Feb - 15:56

    is it already posted??
    oh,,i can't find it...
    sorry,a newbie though..
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    Shy Newbie~

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    [ANOUNCEMENT]Eng Subs for suju vids post2 Empty Re: [ANOUNCEMENT]Eng Subs for suju vids post2

    Post by YaHYaH on Sun 18 Apr - 1:06

    Super Junior's Intimate Note?
    I've been looking for it!
    Thank U si much for upload it!
    Can't wait until my post reach 25!

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    [ANOUNCEMENT]Eng Subs for suju vids post2 Empty Re: [ANOUNCEMENT]Eng Subs for suju vids post2

    Post by Sponsored content

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