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on YouTube and be against all antis!

Anyways, thanks for reading =)
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    Post by Whitney on Thu 30 Jul - 16:06

    I spoke Kith last time, she was very busy in HK.
    It seems that Kitty have hacked Kith's account on her blog..because kith can't log in anymore.
    So guys EVERYTHING what this site do, it's not ours and it doesn't comes from us! Untill it says on our site or Livejournal! It even claims that Kpopsites are involded in that blog and they uses our name but we are not related to this site.Kitty even mention and use our name "Kpopsites" without our permission.We give Kitty 5 days to change her banner and to remove our name "Kpopsites" from her blog.

    I contacted Starsubs on Youtube to work with us. They want to work with us and they make parody vids too against the antis. YAY!
    here's their Youtube account:
    Subscribe and you will hear more from us!=D



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